Sep 30, 2010

Saving the tatas!

I am an avaid supporteer of breast cancer awareness.  October starts tomorrow and so does breast cancer awareness month.  i have decided to do a few giveaways throughout the month to raise awareness, plus tata merchanidise is histarical and it the procedes go to cancer awareness.  You can't beat that!!
The first awesome giveaway is......
Yep!  Boob Lube!!  It is lotion to check your boobs for lumps and any abnormalities.  It also has a calander on the back for your reference on how ofter you need to be checking your tatas.

Every month you should check your boobies.  I asked my doctor once about the propper way to check you boobies.  She showed me what  I need to be doing and an example of what a lump feels like.  When your check your tatas, you should press down enough that it almost hurts.  None of this surface rub crap.  Also be aware that many times you significat other will find more than you can.  Ask for thier help if you need to.  Don't be ashamed!!!

So, for this Boob Lube giveaway, here is what you need to do to win...

1) Follow me on twitter and retweet one of my boob awareness tweets.
2) Like my blog on facebook
3) Update your facebook status to talk about boob lube and this giveaway
4) Follow my blog
5) blog about awareness and this giveaway
6) Link this giveaway on your blog for at least 2 days
7) Donate to

Please make one comment per entry.  Giveaway ends on October 5th at 10 PM EST.

ps.....loook at the awesome bar at the bottom of the page.  it makes it easy for you to do most of the things to enter all at once.  Also use the twitter bird and facebook button on the sidebar.

Good luck all!  and don't forget to touch them boobies!!


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Sep 29, 2010

the choices we make

I have been really thinking about this topic lately.  I have come to understand the power of choices while going through infertility. I had a conversation with this chick's hubby. And then I read this blog post.

I wish that everyone out there would understand the power of the choices they make.  I do believe that the Lord has a huge part in our lives.  But mostl,y I believe that God loved us so much and trusted us enough to give us the agency we enjoy.  Thus the whole not let Satan tell us what to do and take all the glory for himself.  God wants us to have glory as well, that is why we get to chose. 

I have heard so many women say to me, "My husband and I are not going to use any type of birth control.  We are going to leave it up to God."  wow...really. I wish I could leave it up to God. I have learned that God will not always provide.  Not because He doesn't love me, but he has GIVEN ME CHOICES. He is also not going to come down and break the rules for me. Am I any less worthy of a baby than the chick who gets pregnant the second she looks at her husband with any kind of lust.... Hell to the no!   

The fact of the matter is Mrs. ipopoutbabiesbecauseiwontberesponsibleandusebirthcontrol, you CHOSE to get pregnant by not using protection!!  Just like God won't break the rules for me, HE ALSO WON'T BREAK THEM FOR YOU.  If you are not infertile, IF YOU HAVE SEX, YOU WILL GET PREGNANT! It is not rocket science, it is nature.  The Lord is bound by the rules He has set, if He didn't, He would cease to be God. Which means Mrs. Duggar, you do it, you get prego. That was all your choice not the Lord coming down and handing a baby to you like the MF stork.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in miracles.  I believe that the Lord could cure my infertility this second.  But he is not going to. Why?  because that is not the point.  The point of the whole, ya know, counsel in heaven where God told Satan to jump off a cliff, was for us to CHOOSE a righteous life. To RESPONSIBLY bring spirits into this world while providing a covenant bound family and a COMFORTABLE HOME where the child could grow and develop and become a righteous son or daughter of God.  He didn't say, "Go ahead, just have babies over and over in your basement apartment, with your 20K worth of debt, and your not even established marriage, where you have only known each other for a month." But I he might have said that and I just don't remember

He wants us to choose better for our children.  He wants us to chose better for us. Most of all he wants us to be accountable for our glory. I personally take it more seriously than to so casually say that the power to bring a life into this world is not about a choice.  Just as removing a life from this world is a choice, so is bringing one into it.  It is an unmeasurable power that is so often taken for granted.  Imagine having it ripped from you.  The pwer to create life. How would that feel?  I dunno...ask someone infertile about their choice.

Infertility = no choice

so word to the wise....numero uno...if you are infertile, study and understand the power that lies within you to make a great difference in this world by being refined by having your choice to have a family taken from you.
Numero dos......If you have the ability to create life and don't understand the power of your choice in the matter  STUDY IT! Numero tres....If you are fertile and understand the power of your choices, take pride in your ablility and awesomeness and love and help others who aren't as blessed as you.



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Sep 28, 2010

One of my forms of inspiration

My sister.  Shannon.

She wrote the most amazing post yesterday and I really had to think long and hard about if i take my wonderful husband for granted. it was a great reminder.

On top of the self help inspiration, she is also my creative inspiration.  She included one of her brilliant pictures in her post.  Every time I see her photography, I want to design, I see it in home decoration, or I want to use it to make some kind of craft.  She is absolutely talented and she just keeps getting better.

Her and I thought of the cutest idea, well she mostly thought it up.  There is a beautiful cobblestone road with colonial homes on it in downtown Charleston.  We are going to go there and have will and I standing in a embrace with Harley at our feet with a sing in his mouth saying, "We Moved" we are going to send it post card style to our friends and family.  Oh man, am I excited about that one!!

She really has ultimately inspired  me to change my degree.  (well Matt and Jenna's amazingness did as well)  I am great with kids, but I honestly feel so restricted by it.  There is this part of my personality that is a rebel, I don't know if I can be an amazing role model for kids 100% of the time. I like my tattoo and my freedom to go against the rules a little too much.  I also just think that I am great at many things.  Design in any form is one of them. I am going to change my major to graphic design. Now I just have to learn how to draw a bit better so I can freehand :o)


Learn how to drive!

I have liked most things about Charleston.  Number one, it is not Utah, which rocks.  I went my entire first day at work with not a soul asking me if  "I am a member"  it was a nice breath of fresh air.  Although the next day one of the girls put two and two together about the Utah thing and the not drinking coffee and not smoking thing. Smart chick!  love it.
One thing that I know for sure I don't like, are the drivers! people are like, "They can't be worse than Utah drivers."  I am here to proclaim, THEY ARE WORSE! If you miss an exit, you can't just hurry and pull of into wildlife to get to it. If there is no space to switch lanes, don't do it.  It is annoying to sit in someones blind spot for hours.  and last but not least, stopping and starting does not have to be 0 to 60 in 5 seconds just to have to stop again.
So, the other day, we were all making fun of how they pull over in a rain storm.  They seriously won't drive in it.  I kinda laughed at this cause I have driven in snow storms in a Toyota Echo mind you, and I didn't have to pull off the road.

Yesterday before I left for work I watched the news to see what the rain was doing and sure enough it was pouring.  I get ready and decide to go to my car without a jacket cause it is still not cold, even when it rains. I got drenched just running to my car.  wow!  I start driving in and I finally realise why they pull over.  At times I could barely see, there was inches upon inches of standing water everywhere.  I have to remember that we are not on a mountain where it just runs off.  We are at sea level where it just sits. Fun!  I get it now, I get it now.  I will just go ahead and eat that critisizm with some ranch.  yum...tasty.

Sep 26, 2010


The thing I am baffled by is how one person's aggressive, manipulative, angry, terrible, gossiping mouth can influence people I have been nothing but kind toward to think I somehow have wronged them. It is beyond me.

The thing I more baffled by is why I friggen care. 

Just so ya know....I like to keep it real and throw in a bit of my drama every now and again ;o)


Sep 24, 2010

get with it ya'll

Look at my ya'll!  i get more southern every day :o) So i think you all need to love the music i love! i decided it, you have no really choice.  You love it. Come on....say you love it.  Ok you don't have to but I am going to share it anyway ;o)

This song makes me feel young lately...

Oh and this is my favorite band EVER!!!!

You can get sick of them but I never could!!

This bad A figgin song is just proof that the awesomeness of my husband is wearing off on me..

Now you have witnessed greatness.


Sep 23, 2010

Stupid worthless tubes

I am not sure I have talked about this yet. I really can't remember much that I have or have not said with all the craziness of moving 2000 miles away.

My sister is doing in-vitro!!

After 4 miscarriages and of them ectopic, they have decided to bypass those silly tubes and go for in-vitro.
nnumber 1.....I am excited for her because I know this will get her a beautiful chocolate milk baby.
number 2........I am here so I get to be here with her though the process. I get to learn about it and share how in-vitro works with all of you!  Yeah!

Shannon goes to South Eastern Infertility. It is one of the top infertility clinics in the nation. They are friendly and loving and most of all they are the best at helping people get babies!

Shannon has already had her initial consultation.  Shannon and Tim were so nice to let me go with them to learn the process and what it is going to take from them. Let me explain it..... for those of you who don't know.

the basic version goes like this.
stimulation of the ovary -- harvest eggs --- get spermy --- fertilize egg under microscope --- let it grow and divide --- transfer fertilized egg into uterus

I will explain it in detail as the steps progress.  It is so interesting!!


Sep 21, 2010

out crazy

usually people are out sick.  I have just been out crazy.
I am finally back from Utah again.  packed up my house. stuffed as much as I could in my Jeep.  grabbed my dog.  Drove back with my brother and sister.
It was long and crazy and I got hit on by a lesbian but that story is for another day. 

I have been interviewing like crazy 2 second interviews and I am really really hoping for the job at the salon in Mt Pleasant. 

Well ya know, now I am back and ready to write!  You better hold on to your biscuits. 


Sep 16, 2010

Oh Ya, Hi!

Well hello blog....i am alive just crazy busy.  i want to tell you all about some cool things I have come across these last few days but I need the time to tell them to you. 

i am starting my driving across the country again tomorrow so more after that ....mmmmmkkkkkkk

Until then just know that I have so much to say that you will get sick of my ramblings after multiple posts a day. Until then, enjoy your time off from reading my fabulousness ;o)

Sep 10, 2010


I hope if I talk about this it will help me be better about it.

I avoid.  Some of you are like what the fuh is she talking about? I am one of those terrible avoiders, the one who avoids people. Let me explain...

There are 2 reasons I avoid....(1) I am stressed (2) I want to avoid pain.  I am avoiding right now for both reasons.  I am stressed about finishing up my house and driving again, also trying to find a job while trying to figure out money. I am a bit overwhelmed with it right now.

I have avoided really coming to terms with leaving the people I love.  So avoid talking to them so that I don't have to come to terms with it. My inlaws, my parents, my best friend, my neighbors.  I am happy here except for not having them around anymore.  That is the part that hurts, the part I am avoiding dealing with.

If you are one of those people, I am sorry and I love you.


Sep 6, 2010

Chillin in a mansion in downtown by the beach expensive isht awesomeness

Last night I went with friends at none other than a charleston downtown home. Okay, so some of you may be going, "Who the H cares?  That is not a big deal."  Well I am here to tell you...Yes the H it is is!!

Oh man was it fabulous.  The houses downtown are amazing. Let me help some of you out that have never been to Charleston.  The houses look like this....
This my friends is Rainbow Row in downtown Charleston.  It is painted, photographed, put on tshirts, one of the biggest touristy things to see in Charleston.  It is expensive, like a cool 5, 6, 7 million to live here.  We went to a house across the street on the most beautiful cobble stone road I have ever seen. Ok be jealous now ;O)

We hung out it thins amazing house and ate pizza and played games. It was fabulous.  I felt rich a second....then, ya know, I came back down from the mansion high.

We have had some of the most amazing experiences here.  It is like a dream.  I feel like my anxiety has cut in half and I am really happy.

I live in a place rich with history and beauty.  I am not saying Utah wasn't like that as well, just a different kind of beauty and history.  This place is like jumping out of colonial times with the cobble stone roads, and the fire lit lanterns.

I loves it here.


Sep 3, 2010

Anxiety Blogging

I am not sure why I do this but I totally anxiety blog.  I haven't been doing it much lately cause, honestly, I haven't had as much anxiety.  Being in SC has helped that I think.  I usually can't sleep when I have a bout of anxiety and right now I can't sleep.
So many things on my mind.....

I am going back to Utah in a week and I think that has a crap ton to do with it.  There is just so much to get done there.  I packed up most of my house but there is still so much left undone.  I want to get it done fast and come back asap.  I have no desire to be away from my husband and I would love to reunite our little family with my Harley dog.  He really has become an important member.  He is having fun with my mom but I am just ready to have him back.  I am so grateful for some wonderful friends and neighbors who have helped take care of my house while I have been away.  What a blessing they have been for me and relieving my stress. I hope I can settle in soon.  I want to be done with all the moving stressies.

I have really been thinking about my career path.  I am confused right now.  I have been trying to get a job and we all know how well that goes now days.  We will see, i have put my resume out there, hopefully some success soon.  I am not sure about my degree.  I guess I have a whole year to think about it.  I won't be eligable for residency tuition rates for a year so I have time to ponder.  I am still at a point in my degree where I can change it.  I love to teach.  I love to design.  I love politics.  I love Human anatomy.  What the H!?  I love too many things.  What is the best for me...hmmmmmmm???

Overall, I am much less stressed and much happier but I don't know, sometimes I just get contemplative and let the thoughts just run wild then I can't sleep.

Sep 1, 2010

Kicking Some Trash!!

The other day I went with my sister and her husband to their fitness class.  They take Krav Maga classes. You are like what the H is Krav Maga.  I am going to tell you.

Ok, as a woman I have thought about how i would defend myself if a man attacked me.  There have been times that my husband and I have been playing around and I have noticed that I would not be able to fight off a man as strong as him. There has always been those stories of girls attacked while getting in their car, or while jogging. It is just scary to think about.

Krav Maga may help.  The phrase for Krav is "self defense for a modern world." I watched as my sister learned how to get someone off of her if they were sitting on top of her while she is laying down and choking her.  (This would have been bad for the bed intruder) (and this song wouldn't be my comic relief)  I just thought that this knowledge and skill is so valuable, especially these days. She learned how to knock him off, punch him, and get away.  It was amazing.

You can learn to disarm someone who has a gun, get away from someone who attacks you from behind, and defend yourself from someone way stronger than you. Each lesson is about situations that really happen, real world situations.
This kind of training is priceless for women especially.  It is all about technic, not strength.  It teaches you to fight off even the strongest attacker, even one with a weapon. 

Check it out online and see if there are classes near you.